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Subcommittee for Science Priorities, Science Policy Council, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Designed and facilitated process to assist EPA leadership in identifying cross-agency science priorities.

Take Reduction Plan for U.S. Department of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Marine Fisheries Service

Negotiations forplan to reduce incidental take of marine mammals during commercial fishing operations as required under the 1994 Amendments to the Marine Mammal Protection Act. Stakeholders, including fishermen, conservationists, state and federal government agencies, scientists, regional fisheries management councils, and off-shore concerns, sought to protect marine mammals and maintain viable fisheries.

McKin Superfund Site Remedy Selection, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region I

Convening assessment for a mediation process to review and select remedies for clean up of McKin Superfund Site after the responsible parties requested a remedy review to determine the effectiveness of a pump and treat system in removing PCBs from ground water.

Interagency Endangered Species Act (ESA) Workshop: U.S. Environmental Agency, U.S. Fish and Wildlife, and National Marine Fisheries Service

Assessment and designed and facilitated a workshop to prepare consensus recommendations for coordination and implementation of the ESA with regard to ESA effects determinations and consultations for pesticides.

Common Sense Initiative, Iron and Steel Subcommittee, U.S. Environmental Agency, Office of Water and Region V

Policy dialogue among steel industry, environmentalists, environmental justice advocates, state and federal government officials, and union representatives to develop recommendations for ways to regulate the steel industry that are “cleaner, cheaper, and smarter,” with a focus on permitting, brownfields, innovative technologies, and compliance. 

Winner of Hammer Award: National Partnership for Reinventing Government.

Coastal Stewardship Task Force U.S. Department of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Facilitated Coastal Stewardship Task Force site visit meetings, designed to review NOAA’s coastal research, resource protection, and management programs to assure that NOAA’s resources are being used most effectively and that NOAA’s statutory mandates are properly implemented.

Clean Air Act, Tier 2 Motor Vehicle Emission Standards and Gasoline Sulfur Control Requirements Rule, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Air Quality and Standards Division and Alternative Dispute Resolution Team within the Office of the Administrator

Convening assessment on proposed regulations to allow streamlined permitting process for oil refineries to comply with the Clean Air Act, Tier 2 Rules, requested after concerns were raised by environmental justice advocates and refinery “fence line” communities. 

Assabet River Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants, National Pollutant Discharge Elimination Systems (NPDES) Permit Appeals, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Assessment and mediation involving U.S. EPA, Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, five municipalities, a local environmental organization, and a threat of litigation by a national environmental organization as well as Congressional interest. The permit appeals related to four separate wastewater treatment plants and their combined impact on the Assabet River. 

Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO), Delft, Netherlands

Workshop for environmental professionals and academics on negotiation fundamentals, mediation and interactive policymaking processes, and complex stakeholder involvement. The workshop included consultation on European Union projects on sediments in Dutch waterways.  

National Fisheries Enforcement Summit, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC)

Assessed, designed, and facilitated Summit, attended by broad array of stakeholders and experts, to improve NOAA’s enforcement programs to protect and sustain the nation's marine resources. It was held in response to deficiencies identified by the DOC Inspector General.

Forestry and Global Climate Change Policy, Forest Carbon Work Group (FCWG), American Forestry Association

Convened, designed, and facilitated process to develop consensus recommendations for U.S. domestic forest components of federal climate legislation, supported by forty-five organizational members, who represented landowners; paper, forestry, energy, and financial industries; conservationists, and wildlife protection. 

Casco Bay (ME) Estuary Project, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, National Estuary Program with Maine Department of Environmental Protection Agency

Consensus process for federal, state, and local government, industry, citizens, scientists, environmentalists, and other stakeholders to develop Casco Bay Estuary Project’s Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan, which covered combined sewer overflows, development, citizen environmental stewardship, wastewater, and existing toxic sediments.