What Is Civic Fusion?

The Civic Fusion workshop included a discussion of the necessary conditions for sustained civic fusion in the U.S. and Italy. Lessons learned from past cases were used to illustrate ways to identify representative participants and strategies for confirming their constituent credibility as well as challenges and needed refinements for applying tools of policy mediation to the Italian context. In addition, Susan Podziba described how to mediate complex substantive issues in multi-party, multi-issue negotiations.

The Abortion Talks - Television Coverage

After almost six years of secret talks among pro-life and pro-choice leaders in the aftermath of fatal shootings at two women’s health clinics in Brookline, Massachusetts, the participants went public with their dialogue experience.

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We the People: The City of Chelsea and its efforts to rebuild its democracy

Produced by Maria Rosaria de Medici for "Agenda del Mondo" RAITRE, Italian Public TV